Automate data quality continuously and at scale


Poor data integrity can interfere with business processes as they increase resource spend in collecting and cleaning data while reducing the validity of business metrics crucial to determining the right path forward. This disconnect between the state of the assets and digitalization efforts causes uncertainty when determining the underlying pain points and business requirements from the available data.

Better data quality means better models for deriving value via monitoring assets, creating analytics, performing inspections, creating preventive models, monitoring emissions and improving energy usage, and/or for enterprise-wide reporting. A small 4.2% incidence of bad PI interface data grows to 30% failure of the models upon which this data is based.


% of PI Interface data that is bad or stale


% of models that will fail due to bad data

APERIO can help you with your pain points

Trusted data ensure assess the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of your PI interface data and/or your digital twins. Superior data means:

Guarantee the Quality of Your PI Data

Enterprise-wide auto-monitoring of data in PI interfaces delivers:

  • Better, more centralized data visibility, as measured APERIO’s DQI
  • Elimination of bad, stale, and missing data of PI interfaces
  • Identification of OT data that is out of range or failures in correlated data

Continuous validation of PI data ensures bad and stale data issues are addressed which keeps people and processes running and in good health.

APERIO’s verified data enables greater value from APC, visualization, analytics, production optimization, and AI.

Easier Validation of the Digital Twin

Guaranteed accuracy, reliability, completeness of engineering and operational digital twins can result in:

  • Higher accuracy of your digital twin/models
  • Increased data quality through continuous validation
  • Higher uptime with less variability in the data

APERIO DataWise continuously validates data fleetwide to ensure DQI = 100% with integrated visualization and alerts.

APERIO can measure and report DQI fleetwide, automate manual processes and workflows, and consolidate production, maintenance, and analytics views into one.

The true cost of poor data quality

APERIO enables operators to quickly identify and address integrity issues for improved visibility, better asset health, and/or operational efficiencies.

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