Data points verified by APERIO

If your operational data is ‘good enough’…

  • Why do your data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning it?
  • Why do your operators not trust it to make timely decisions, relying instead on “best practices”?
  • Why do false alarms in the control room trigger unnecessary maintenance inspections?
  • Can you guarantee your data is accurate, reliable, and authentic 100% of the time?
  • Can you assure 100% Data Quality Index of 100Ks of real-time data streams simultaneously?

Implement rigorous data integrity everywhere for maximum value.

No matter the application, APERIO can guarantee 100% data reliability, accuracy, and authenticity 100% of the time.
Learn the benefits of APERIO DataWise by each role in your organization. We don’t just say it, we prove it!

PI System Administrator

Eliminate bad, stale, or missing data.

Responsibilities: Maintain the integrity of PI interface data that reads from sources and writes to the PI data archive.

Pain Points: Bad, stale, or missing data cause issues in advanced models: visualization, analytics, reporting, optimization, etc.

APERIO: Identifies data that is bad, stale, or missing on a continuous basis which keeps people and processes running and in good health.

Engineering Leader

Ensure DQI of engineering digital twin.

Responsibilities: Guarantees the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and validity of the engineering digital twin.

Pain Points: Multiple disciplines work globally on engineering models which can create discrepancies in data.

APERIO: Verifies source data of every asset within the digital twin (100% DQI), before taking it into operations; a.k.a., Installation Qualification (IQ) in regulated industries.

Data Integrity Leader

Guarantee data integrity at scale.

Responsibilities: Ensures operational data sustains 100% DQI at all times and across all assets.

Pain Points: Operational data drift, move out of range, become uncorrelated or stale, causing errors in decision making or advanced applications.

APERIO: Continuously validates OT data fleetwide, a.k.a Operational Qualification in heavily regulated industries.

Data Scientist

Make value out of data.

Responsibilities: Analyze data from various sources to understand how the business performs; builds AI tools that automate processes.

Pain Points: Too much time spent cleaning data for use: unreliable data; analytics are manual; insights take too long to act upon (not in real time).

APERIO: Automatically cleans data in real-time so you can spend 100% of your time on value-added work.

IIoT/Digital Leader

Drive digital transformation initiatives.

Responsibilities: Drive digital transformation initiatives across the enterprise. Deploy programs in IoT, AI, product development, data analytics, and cyber security.

Pain Points: Merge the IT and OT worlds at scale, on budget, and on time.

APERIO: Drives digital initiatives by transforming work, at scale, providing 100% data accuracy and reliability throughout the project initiative.

Plant Manager

Optimize plant performance.

Responsibilities: Manage the plant to guarantee effective and efficient performance over its entire lifecycle, while maintaining HS&E regulations.

Pain Points: Unplanned downtime due to HSE incidents, poor operator decision making, and/or systems failures.

APERIO: Ensures 100% data quality for intelligently predicting performance, asset failures, and anomalies in real time.
Equip workers to act with confidence.

Reliability Manager

Keep assets running.

Responsibilities: Keep individual assets up and running, minimizing downtime. Efficient use of maintenance staff for optimal OPEX.

Pain Points: Unnecessary and intrusive maintenance inspections of assets due to false alarms in the control room.

APERIO: Moves you from time-based to condition-based maintenance using unsupervised ML, assuring reliability and safety 100% of the time.


Merge IT and OT.

Responsibilities: Manage enterprise-wide IT of infrastructure, architecture, applications, networks, sources, projects, and data centers.

Pain Points: Increasing volume of OT data threats and  prioritization. Merging of the IT and OT worlds drives complexity.

APERIO: Safeguards mission-critical assets via real-time continuous monitoring to prevent 100% of OT data tampering.

CxO Executive

Drive business performance.

Responsibilities: Make corporate-level decisions that drive the triple bottom line to deliver business growth and meet sustainability goals.

Pain Points: Remain competitive and profitable. Address the growing liability for cyber-physical security incidents.

APERIO: Adds value to people, planet, and profit by ensuring 100% performance accuracy and transparency at all times.

APERIO Success Stories

Every day APERIO proves its value with customers. Read a customer success story today.

World’s Largest Pulp & Paper Company

Large Industrial Gas Producer

Top 10 Mining Company

Specialty Mining and Chemicals Company

Top 20 Chemicals Company

Unlock the value of superior data

The future of your industrial data value chain is at your fingertips. Improve data accuracy, security, and value, for smarter business decisions based on real-time, trusted, superior data.

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