Trust Your Operational Data Again

Data is growing exponentially but much of it is unused, underused, or untrustworthy. Reliable real time operational data can drive both profitability and sustainability goals, ensuring a competitive advantage, while mitigating operational risk.

APERIO helps fuel the world with superior data. Let us help you learn to trust your data again.

APERIO Database

Because it is the necessary software layer between the source of the data—historians, data lakes, SCADA systems—and the applications of that same data—visualization, analytics, optimization, predictive maintenance—Data Integrity is foundational to every application in the digital transformation journey.

Without accurate, trusted data, any function that uses this data—from the control room to the board room—is worthless and any operational or business decisions based on this data are unreliable.


Ensure quality data every time and at all times.

Ensure validated, reliable, clean, and authentic operational data across the enterprise. APERIO’s data integrity engine can monitor sensor reliability and health, dramatically improving data quality and reducing data issues and losses. Better data quality means 10% increased uptime, 99% lower Time to Detect (TTD) and Time to Resolve (TTR); saving customers an average 15% of annual revenue. Guarantee 100% Data Quality Index (DQI) for more than 2,000,000 sensors simultaneously.


Eliminate data security threats with increased visibility.

Identify and eliminate security blind spots through data visibility in real time. With IoT device attacks rising 300% year over year, a fully scalable solution that ensures sensor data integrity across the entire OT environment, like APERIO’s, can protect data against manipulation & tampering. Better data security means reduced financial losses and security risk exposure of data; saving customers an average $8.6M per digital incident.


Empower the operator to make better decisions.

Empower the worker to make better, data-driven decisions with the confidence of accessible, trusted data. APERIO’s AI anomaly detection algorithms (based on machine learning) can measure and validate sensor signals thus improving operational efficiency and safety in real time. Better data intelligence leads to significant OPEX savings of up to $80M per plant due to less downtime from operator errors.


Achieve joint sustainability + business goals for added value.

As the key enabler in digital transformation, APERIO’s reliable, trusted data will drive additional value through its use in plant operations optimization and predictive maintenance; with average value added of more than $300M/yr.

As companies increasingly pursue sustainability & SGD goals, confidence in APERIO’s data will provide the transparency that consumers demand. Its further application in AI will help reduce emissions by 15-18%.

We address high value industry challenges

Implement data integrity everywhere for maximum value.

Oil & Gas

APERIO enables optimization of the entire value chain for maximum performance, on the journey to net zero.


APERIO assists in the move towards a more circular world while mitigating operational and environmental risks.

Power & Renewables

APERIO helps drive the on-going transition to a carbon-free world through improved efficiency and reliability.

Pharma & Life Sciences

APERIO helps meet the industry’s regulated equipment qualification needs to ensure quality and traceability.


APERIO helps companies maximize throughput while attaining a social license to operate through improved transparency.

Pulp & Paper

APERIO enables maximum value through digitalization and agility to meet changing market needs.

Food & Beverage

APERIO helps enable agility and operational efficiency through a more accurate, sustainable supply chain.

Infrastructure & Water

APERIO makes smart cities smarter through real time enterprise visibility and flexibility.

Make your operational data superior

The future of your industrial data value chain is at your fingertips. Improve data accuracy, security, and value, for smarter business decisions based on real-time, trusted, superior data.

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